The Hidden Philippines (updated)


Photos of the heart and soul of the Philippines.


Move over Islam, here comes the racist bandwagon.

In what kind of world does using the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle", turn your brand into an overnight pariah. Sadly, in ours.  I cannot believe we can tolerate the blatant stupidity of black racist groups with clear agendas that have no basis in reality. I have four children, their colour is irrelvant and … Continue reading Move over Islam, here comes the racist bandwagon.

An Occidental tourist, Filipino style.

Image: Mt Mayon, an active volcano in Bicol as it simmers away, lava lighting up the rim at night. So you're thinking about adding the Philippines to your list of Asian holiday destinations. Great decision. This article will strive to give you all that essential info you might not glean from normal travel guides. After … Continue reading An Occidental tourist, Filipino style.

Carol till you drop

So to Christmas in the Philippines, fireworks going off every evening, food consumed in massive quantities and of course, having embraced the Christian faith, houses adorned with various religious symbols to celebrate the holiday.  You haven't truly experienced a Filipino Christmas till you've spent one in a local bario (suburb) and to add that extra … Continue reading Carol till you drop