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Hello esteemed reader.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit here. I hope you enjoy the many and varied articles on display and find something to your liking.

I offer my writing services on a freelance basis and prefer creative feature length articles or essays for magazines and flash fiction pieces . I am however quiet happy to assist with website content, ghost writing,  blog posts, shorter articles and other writing requirements you may have. 

Please get in touch via the contact link and provide a general overview of what it is you require. If I feel I can adequately fulfill your needs I will reply with a rate card and any additional questions I may have regarding the assignment. 

If not, I will email you details of one of my colleagues who would be more suited to your subject matter. 

If you are looking for a bio, I don’t unfortunately do those. I believe the words we use and the stories we create should reflect who we are. Suffice it to say I am old enough to remember the Beatles and young enough to enjoy Slim Shady.

Happy reading.