Free daycare at crackhouses and brothels.

Prepare to be shocked. Parents from every continent and every corner of the globe are tacking advantage of this relatively new form of childcare. What follows may disturb you, it may give you pause for thought or you can choose to turn a blind eye. Read on and decide for yourself. Comments are as always welcome.

Late for work, you grab an apple off the counter and start a mad search for your keys. The sitter can’t make it, it’s Saturday morning and short notice. The kids will be okay though, they’re in their rooms, each glued to a laptop screen or tablet. You find your keys in your other hand, sandwiched between files and a stale bagel that still looks edible. Cursing, you yell an unheard goodbye and close the door behind you. You might just make the morning meeting.

Pleased with yourself are you? What you have just done with your children is leave them at the worlds largest whorehouse/crackhouse (insert as appropriate) and asked the pedophile at the door, dressed in an elf suit, to keep an eye on them. 

“I’m sure they’ll be fine”, he says, giving the boy an affectionate pat on the head.

“You’ve taught them how to be safe online, haven’t you?”

“We have a full day planned for our young guests”, he continues. “Our first stop is Madam Whoopsies web cam shop, filled with all the latest goodies for those close up and action shots. It’s all safe because you’ll be at home when you use them. “

He pauses and fishes in a pocket. 

“Here kids”, he says, handing over two lollipops. “We call these Likes. There’s loads more where those came from. If you want any more”, winking at the boy, “just reach into my pocket”.

“I digress, back to the tour. One of most popular attractions here is the Pixiedust shop. Sample any of the goodies there and if you don’t see fairies, they’ll refund you. It’s actually for adults but you both look pretty grown up to me”.

The wink again.

“That leaves our last attraction, Adam and Eve. We call it that because it’s sort of religious. Everyone is naked, just like God made us. If you’re shy, just remember God never wanted us to wear clothes. So much fun… “

His eyes glaze over for a second.

“At the end of the day we can arrange a magical trip for you to other countries, filled with genies and magic lanterns, camels and loads of other wonderful things. It’s magical so you can be home by dinner and tell all your friends all about it tomorrow. Just think how jealous they’ll be. So what do you say young ones, you ready?”

Your children eagerly grab his sweaty hands and disappear through the black door. You smile, wave them goodbye and head off to work. They’ll be fine. After all, it says Daycare on the door, right?


The above is an extract from an article written for #banourkids. To follow and support them and to read the full article, please click on the link above.

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