A terminally ill patient?

Today the BBC featured a story on the US’s Mexican border policy of separating children from their parents if the parents are caught trying to enter the US illegaly. The policy now even extends to asylum seekers. Seek refuge and have your children forcibly removed and placed into detention centres, essentially concrete floored cages with chain link fences.

I would like to say the story shocked me, but sadly no. There is a growing global perception of America as the injured and mortally wounded behemoth, seeking refuge to see out it’s time. As it does so, it becomes more insular, more self protective, more ineffective and far more likely to bite.

There are comparisons drawn now between the detention centres for the immigrant children and the Nazi death camps. This is an unfair and ridiculous comparison to draw and hugely disrespectful to the Jewish families that lost loved ones during the second world war.

America is not Nazi Germany. As an outsider looking in, often the best vantage point from which to formulate an opinion, you get a clear view of the whole forest.

America is ill. The human dignity, rights, safety and security of it’s populace eroded away by various factors. Apathy certainly plays a role, decades of rot have led to a population that is no longer capable of loud, vocal opposition. Many are not even aware their home is on fire.

To blame Donald Trump for America’s woes is all to easy. He is merely the outward manifestation of a far greater malaise, the tumor that appears to alert the body of impending death.

Not satisfied with dehumanising Muslims and Arabs, America has now set its sights on creating a new enemy. How long before the immigrant children you are now truamatising, vent their adult anger on your homeland? Ten, fifteen years and let’s not forget the parents.

One has the feeling that it’s too late to save the patient. Somewhere between watching the Simpsons and updating their Facebook pages, Americans missed their chance. I have American friends who vocally express their outrage at their loss of civil liberties, at the police state they now live in, but sadly their voices are not numerous enough to be heard.

In a few years Americans my look longingly at Russia, envious of the freedoms enjoyed by it’s citizens. It’s time to take a step back, walk away from the trees and look back at your forest.

Only you can decide if it is worth while saving and only once you realize it is ablaze from within.


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