The Hidden Philippines (updated)

A young Spanish backpacker, David Navero, from Madrid is stopping over with us for a while.

He shared some of his photography with me and I was so impressed I asked him for consent to publish the images in a post.

The photographs were taken in a local squatter community, homes constructed on an abandoned railway track in a poorer section of town. 

So few tourists ever get to see this side of the Philippines, which is a real pity as money is so desperately needed in these areas.

I hope you enjoy David’s keen eye and subject matter. You can follow David on Instagram navero_delarge .

If you’re a visitor to the Philippines and would like to help children in one of these communities, head over to Facebook and check out @volunteerinphilippines. It’s a group that work in the area close to where these photos were taken and they could really do with your help. Great digs, amazing food and awesome people  

All images © David Navero

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