The Occidental tourist, Tagalog (Filipino) general phrases.

If you’ve been following the previous posts you can now ask your way around and order food once you arrive, or don’t, at your destination.

Our next topic is general conversational phrases and there are quite a few of these, some incredibly useful and you’ll hear these all the time, whilst others may come in handy, depending on where your adventures take you.

I am a fifty year young writer, who loves a beer and a bit of chit chat so the guide is naturally slanted that way and I apologise in advance to ladies who would like to know the Tagalog for “where is the toilet paper”. Sadly, I’m pretty sure that the question would in any case result in the standard “wala” as toilet paper is a rarity here, but that’s a whole other post. 

Saying hello in Tagalog.

Magandang Umaga – Good morning, not that frequently used actually, it very rare to hear.

Kumusta ka? – how are you? Probably the better choice. 

Mabuti – Good. The response you should receive to the above question. If you’ve been asked as well, then add din to the end , so “mabuti din” (good too)

Saying goodbye

A-ailis na ako – Leaving am I (I am Leaving) use this instead of bye, which is also acceptable. 

General phrases and sentences. 

Anong oras na?– what time is it?

Anong pangalan mo?  – what is your name?

Ang pangalan ko ay Rob – my name is Rob

Anong gagawin mo bukas? What are you doing tomorrow?

Ano pa gusto mo malaman? -What else would you like to know.?

Na-i-intindihan mo ba ako? – Do you understand me?

Anong pakiramdam mo? – How are you feeling?

Anong gusto mo? – what would you like?

Itoy sira – this is broken.

Siro ba ito? – is this broken?

May sakit ako. – I am sick

Ay mali – that’s wrong

Hindi pa – I am not yet finished/done

Ubos na – it’s finished/none left

Bukit – why

Mabuti – good

Galing- excellent (magaling)

Puwede- okay

Sige – yes, okay, I agree

Sayang – pity or shame (if food has gone off, for example, you would say it is Sayang.

O-o – yes

Hindi – no

Malaki – big

Malakas – strong

Ayoko – I dont like (use if offered vegetables for example)

Masaya – happy

Malungkot – sad

Sakit – sick

Masakit – painful/sore

Aray – ouch

Maganda – beautiful

Pangit – ugly, horrible.

Talaga? – really?

Seriouso – seriously.

That’s enough for general conversation, the rest will be broken down into shopping, numbers and days and separate topics, which will hopefully make it easier to find words and phrases.

One last thing is please. Asians are not big on this phrase and the closest thing to it in Tagalog is “paki” , as shown in the example below.

Paki kuha nang Tubig. – please get water/the water. You can replace the noun with one of your choice.


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