Move over Islam, here comes the racist bandwagon.

In what kind of world does using the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle”, turn your brand into an overnight pariah. Sadly, in ours. 

I cannot believe we can tolerate the blatant stupidity of black racist groups with clear agendas that have no basis in reality. I have four children, their colour is irrelvant and I would happily have purchased one of these shirts as I frequently and affectionately refer to them as little monkeys. 

The reason for this is they climb all over everything and swing from any convenient object, much like our much loved hairer cousins. I do not assume that the company is trying to suggest my child is a genetic throwback or belongs in the jungle.

What these groups and their supporters, I see two black artists have just withdrawn their support for H&M, fail to understand is that their actions bring them into line with radical groups. Take the example of Islamic extremists wanting to kill an artist for a drawing they don’t approve of.

Lack of tolerance and understanding are at the heart of racism and you, my misguided friends, are displaying both. Your attack is populurized by the sheep who blindly follow your agenda, concocted by an educated minority, of seeking to promote dissension.

Wake up and take ownership of your colour and culture or be marginalized like all the other groups of fanatics out there. Common sense is all that s needed and a moments clear rational thought.  

It is a deeply disturbing and shocking incident and were I a person of colour I would be cringing in shame. Grow up, grow a pair and stop blaming the world at large for imagined injustices that only you are aware of.

More people need to stand up for H&M and their apology if one can call it that, has been co-erced at gunpoint. They are desperately trying to undo the damage this group has inflicted on them and people of colour should be rallying around them to show support, not declaring a holy war.

Perhaps a better choice of uniform for these idiots, rather than a dark skin, would be a T-shirt depicting Stoneage man, with the words Missing Link printed below. If you want equality, then act with dignity and respect. You’ll be amazed to discover how colour then becomes irrelevant.

To read the latest on this saga follow the link below to the BBC website, Click here


3 thoughts on “Move over Islam, here comes the racist bandwagon.

  1. This is insane. That hoodie is clearly not racist and that that little boy and his family now have to be fearful is disgusting. What the jumper had said, “Cooler than chocolate ice-cream”? Would that have been racist too.

    I have been increasingly bewildered by peoples reactions to things. I’ve been following some of the ‘Hollywood sex allegation’ stuff on Twitter. The reactions people have to some things, especially Matt Damon for some reason, are just ballistic. And if anyone dissents they are branded as ‘accomplices’.

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