The religion of Gobbledegook

I’ve had some time to kill recently whilst travelling and as you tend to do, I’ve turned to my phone, or more specifically Youtube to while away the hours spent waiting.

After watching Anonymous predict a global meltdown and then the end of humanity, YouTube decided I needed a little Deepak Chopra, probably to set my troubled mind at rest. 

I watched in amazement as he presented a scientific explanation of life based on quantum entanglement, explaining how we are all connected and all part of the universe at large. Did you know, you have parts of the universe presen in your body?

I switched off the video, shook my head in disbelief and then watched it again, just to drive home what I had been told by Deepak. This was life changing information, not just for me, but for the world at large. 

With my limited knowledge of both religion and quantum mechanics I was now free to start a YouTube channel and by means of clever manipulation of the uneducated, I would soon have a following of thousands.

Wow, talk about baffling with bullshit. I googled Deepak and confirmed what I already suspected. He holds a medical degree, but has no exposure to the field of quantum mechanics, yet for some reason feels he is able to apply the principal’s of this field to solving the mystery of mankind’s existence and our conciousness. 

He is not alone, as I soon discovered. Further time spent YouTubeing turned up a host of similar conartists. Basic knowledge of scientific principles and the gift of eloquence does not entitle the individual to mystify, enchant and mislead the lesser educaed members of the public with verbal garbage.

Smatterings of scientific terms used completely out of context may sound impressive to the layman but serve only to highlight the fraudulent nature of the message. My heart goes out to people in need of something to grasp onto in their lives that fall prey to these charletans. 

Could Deepak be so deluded as to believe the garbage he sprouts, I seriously doubt it, which leaves only the conciousness intention to mislead for financial gain, power and/or popularity. All by the way equally inexcusable.

How does one wake up a generation of lost souls looking for redemption outide of religion. Perhaps switching off YouTube might be a step in the right direction. That would go a long way to reducing the reach of the magical mystery tours currently on offer. 

Who will hold these charletans accountable for their false messages? Probably no one and in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if the message provides comfort to some? Yes it does. 

Misleading the masses has had dire consequences in our past, the Holy Crusades, Hitler and a bunch of very dead “witches” can all attest to this. It’s time for us to wake up and clean house. Perhaps Anonymous could post a video?


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