Let’s kill Santa

As Christmas approaches and bearing in mind the holiday has no religious connotations for me, I find myself a million miles away from my family. 

It will be the first Christmas in 22 years that we will not spend together. Having often questioned the holiday in the past, I have been wondering how my family will respond to my absence. 

We don’t need days on calendar, be they birthdays or other commercialised religious holidays to share our time and love with our families.

Making a loved one feel special and appreciated should be a daily goal, not a once in a year “love fest” followed by extended “droughts”. 

Family time is all the time, precious moments where all your attention is focused on your children and your partner. 

If, like so many millions of families out there, you are letting your family time and outpouring of love be regulated by numbers on a calendar, please stop and take stock of your life. 

We live in a world of rules, dinner at 6pm, lunch at 12, at work by 8am. It’s a very simple slide to allow all aspects of our life to become regulated.

Kill spontaneity and those random impulsive acts of love and affection and you loose yourself to the machine..

Live freely, love often and love with all the focus you can muster and your life will be filled with joy and happiness. You won’t need that calendar anymore and time apart will not be filled with regret for missed opportunities. 


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