Your novel is a post a day away.

It’s been nearly three months snce I started this blog. I was looking over the stats this morning for the blog and realized that I am only three posts away from having posted a hundred posts.

That set me thinking. My posts are on average between five hundred and a thousand words long, with some far longer, but let’s settle on an average of five hundred. Most authors probably already know where I am going with this.

That’s 50 000 words in a under three months, probably closer to 60 and nearly a complete novel. Another month at my current post rate and I would have enough content for a book.

I know how daunting that figure can sound when you first hear it. It’s that magical figure most publishers bandy about, go over 90 000 and your book costs more to produce. If you’re just settling in to write your first book, that milestone can seem an awfully high mountain to climb.

It’s not something I ever think about whilst writing. I am a story teller, first and foremost, and that is what I do. I sit down to tell a tale and that story is never dictated by length. 

When it’s told I will look at the length and decide where I go to from there. Is it a short story, just to long and needs editing down or is it a novel, perhas in need of a little extra meat to reach that milestone?

And I write. Everyday. No matter what. I could produce 50 or 500 words on a bad day and then on others when the juices are flowing and the universe is singing, I will hit four or five thousand. It doesn’t take you long to develop a feel for when you’re done for the day. That’s the point at which I stop. Stories dont like to be forced.

I never really factored in the writing I do for my posts, but considering these this morning in the context of actual writing, it is amazing how much content we can produce if we simply stick to a daily routine.

Don’t be governed by numbers when you are creating. It can be limiting and counter productive to the process. Focus on the story and writing it down as it unfolds. It will tell you how long it needs to be.


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