The Centre for Rehabilitation of animal lovers.

Remember my post a few weeks ago on judging a man by how he treats animals? Remember the other post about cruelty to animals?

Well, I am glad to announce I am cured. It took four or five sleepless nights to affect the cure, which I suspect may be permanent, but I am now a convert.

Bring on the Asso Adobo (stewed dog). What’s that, you don’t have a fresh one for the pot? Wait right there, I’ll be back in two shakes of a ducks tail. Oh, and can I borrow your bolo (really large Filipino knife).

I could blame it on the sleep deprivation I suppose. Five nights is quiet a stretch. Five nights of constant barking from the two hundred dogs, there may even be more, that inhabit our immediate neighbourhood. 

Well not completely constant, That would probably allow you to get to sleep. There are occasional patches of silence, just long enough to allow you to doze off before they set off again, howling, barking and fornicating with no regard for the hands that feed them. 

In sheer desperation you and your fellow backpackers set off down the street at 2am, armed with various implements, rocks and large sticks. Early lookouts sound the alarm and by the time you arrive at the docal point of the racket, no one s around. You sigh, walk back, light a cigarette and look at the tall palm beside your Kubo through bloodshot eyes. Luckily no rope is close at hand.

Waterboarding would be a walk in the park after five nights of his torture. Then you notice the neighbours have roosters set to different time zones. They go off at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, you get the idea. You can’t help noticing the roosters as you are wife awake from the barking.

If I now see a dog sleeping during the day I will.cross the road to deliver a swift kick to it’s posterior. There is no bloody way you’re having a nap during the day if I can’t sleep at night.

So in closing, the only good Filipino dog is a curried one, or stewed or flame grilled. You can serve them to me which every way you prefer, I am too tired to notice.


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