The father

I envy you my friend, standing over him, your head bent,

Enthralled by the form, your cupped arms keep warm.

A feeling words cannot describe, filled with joy at him being alive.

He rests in your arms, you a slave to his charms.

His eyes so bright, reflecting your light.

Hold him fast, for this time will not last,

Soon it will be done, memories snatched like a fading sun,

Treasure this time,  heed no reason or rhyme,

To leave his side, whatever the tide.

I envy you my friend, for my time has long been at end.

Authors note.

I happened to look out of my window yesterday morning, just after sunrise. I saw our young neighbour standing outside with his newborn son wrapped in his arms. The look on his face was one of complete contentment as he stared down at him in pure wonderment. Thank you my friend for reminding me of all those precious moments I too have been blessed enough to share.

For Limarc and Skyler.

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