Gratitude, spell it out

Not sure how to make a habit of gratitude? It’s all in the word, just follow these steps to a grateful happy life. Practise the letters every morning before you start your day. 

G is for gratefulness.

Grateful thoughts for everything around you, all your life is blessed with. No matter how bleak your life may seem, it has positives to be grateful for. Find a list of at least five things and affirm them now. 

I am grateful for…

R is for Reason

Why are you grateful. Spend a few minutes thinking about the reason for your gratitude. Speaking the words are not important, thinking the thought is. 

A is for Attitude

Is yours positive? Check it and make sure you are viewing the world from a positive perspective. 

I will see my world as it truly is and be thankful for everything that is placed in my path, to learn and to grow.

T is for thankfullness

I am thankful for those I love, for those that love me and bring joy and happiness into my life. I am thankful for being. 

You can add to this list, it’s personal and will reflect your life.

I is for I.

I am loved, I am worthy. I am worthy of love.

Repeat this at least four times and believe it. You cannot appreciate the love or worth of others until you appreciate your worth.

T is for Thoughtfulness

Think of those less fortunate, those who are worse off than you, whose lives are not as blessed as yours.This simple act will enforce your thankfulness. Then repeat

I am blessed.

U is for Usefulness

I am going to make a difference in my world. Starting today I will impact the lives of those I touch in positive, loving way. I will lead by example and others will have no choice but to follow. Happiness is contagious.

D is for Decide

I Decide now that I am going to have a day like no other, filled with wonder and joy. I feel it, I know it and it will be so. 

E is for Exceptional

It’s the final step towards complete gratitude. Affirm how special you are. 

My world is exceptional. I am exceptional. There is no one like me and I will step out to meet my world with a smile on my face, a light heart and gratitude coursing through my veins. 

Have a wonderful day and an even better life. Have an exceptional one. It’s within your grasp. 


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