How your attitude will lead to gratitude.

We’ve heard it so many times. It’s all about attitude. Approach things with the right one and life just seems that much smoother. 

The same thing applies to developing gratitude. It’s a mindset. Foster the correct attitude and gratitude is sure to follow. 

I constantly refer to The Seven Habits of Highly Effectve People. It’s a wonderful book, well written, practical and Stephen Covey is one of the first outspoken propenents of practising gratitude.

In the book, he refers to our perception of life and that how we choose to view our world is determined by the lenses we use. Note the use of the word choose. We decide how full or emty our glass is. It’s about our mindset. It’s about our attitude to life. We have choice. 

Choose to wear the rose coloured spectacles. Make a concious decision to see the positives in your life. They are all around you every day and we overlook them. Changing your attitude towards obstacles you encounter in your day to day life is often all you need to do to overcome them. 

Being positive allows us to see the good around us. It allows us to see the good in ourselves and this in turn will lead you to the door of gratitude. 

When you wake tomorrow, make sure the first thing you do is check to see which lenses you are wearing for the day. Put on the positive spectacles, employ a positive attitude and you will experience gratitude. 


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